DMR Basics

How do I properly use the DMR repeater?

If it is a static talk group you are monitoring, you can simply just listen and talk when you need to like a normal analog channel.

If it is a dynamic talk group that you are trying to use, you will need to activate it prior to using it in order to ensure that it is not currently in use by someone before using it yourself as no radio traffic on a dynamic talk group is hear until activated.

What is the difference between a static and dynamic talk group?

A static talk group is always on and you will hear the traffic on that talk group without needing to key up.

A dynamic talk group is only active for 15 mins after being activated. When the talk group is not active, you will not hear network radio traffic on the talk group.

How do I activate a dynamic talk group?

To activate a dynamic talk group, simply key your radio’s mic for 1 second and then unkey. This activates the dynamic talk group for 15 mins.

Who dictates which talk group is set to static rather than dynamic?

Any repeater sysop can add or remove static talk groups.

What if another dynamic talk group is talking on the same time slot as I want to use for my conversation?

If another talk group is currently chatting on the same time slot as you wish to use, you will need to wait until the 15 mins are up and the time slot opens back up. If you contact a sysop using our submission form, they can drop the active talk group immediately.

If you do not wait for the current active talk group time to run out, you will have to share with that talk group which can result in missing some transmissions.