About Us

About Us

Our repeater infrastructure is owned and maintained by several radio operators. These folks dedicate hours of time and keep funding the repeaters in order to keep the systems running smooth. Those folks are Justin (KC9HYC/WQHT392), Francis (KC9PSO/WQIG974), and Aaron (KD9EXX).

Our repeaters are considered OPEN status for those licensed to utilize them and are listed and coordinated with Wisconsin’s Statewide Spectrum Management known as Wisconsin Association of Repeaters, myGMRS, and RepeaterBook.

We simply ask that you obey our requests listed on our “Repeater Information” page and not abuse the privilege of being able to using this repeater.

We also offer an Interactive Coverage Map which allows you to zoom in and view the approximate coverage to where you live, work, or plan to travel to estimate if the repeater will service where you need.

Most activity on these repeaters are on the weekends in the afternoon and evenings, however you can also reach several users nightly between 10pm and 2 am CST.